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Now I know all the wrong turns; the stumbles and falls brought me here.

Person #6

Dear You,

I feel like me today which makes it a good time for me to write this. I don’t want to compose this note overwhelmed with feelings.

I am thankful for you; in all possible reasons a person can be thankful for. You’ve helped me understand the value of balance; the need of a person to have equal amounts of good and bad. Wherever I am right now, it’s mostly because of you. I’m not putting blames, I’m just stating facts.

I’m amazed of the different phases and various versions of ourselves we’ve managed to surpass. It’s not fate. It’s our doing. More than your existence, I’m grateful for the things we share and even our differences. It doesn’t show on the outside but I do believe we have chemistry; we jive, we flow, we connect. And these are very important.

I’d like you to know as I’m not sure if you do that from the moment I’ve grasped who I am and who I want to be, I’ve been longing to set apart my individuality to you. This doesn’t necessarily mean going on separate ways but more on building an identity independent of my own as we’ve associated our lives together for quite a long time now.

I have ongoing pursuits and you’ve been supportive of that. I just want you to understand that my needs of stepping away from you may arise from time to time. It is my request for you to understand even more as I am a growing lady aiming to be a woman.

I feel all kinds of gratefulness for what we have that repetition will never be an overstatement to me. I feel blessed for having someone who knows the right time to step away or step closer. I feel even more blessed for I’ve been given the chance to own exquisite emotions I can’t even put into words enough.

It is because of you but I’d like it to be because of me too.

You know what I mean, just thank you.

All the love in the world,


P.S. This is me making use of the truth.